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. thanks for joining us. i'm anita brikman. jc hayward is on assignment. we've got a flood watch and wintry weather out west but i'm
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not concerned about that. the rain has just moved in. big storm that pounded areas in the plains. that is giving us the rain. it's been moving in all morning long. we had the dry morning commute. we won't be as fortunate for the afternoon commute. you can see the pink areas out west that would be sleet, freezing rain, wet flakes mixing in there. we've seen the rain lifted. the northern edge of this may not be reaching the ground but if we have spotty sleet in a couple of areas, don't get too excited by that but it will be the higher elevations generally above a thousand feet that we could get some of that sleet or a little bit of icing. other than peat petersburg, west virginia, just about everybody else is above freezing. we're up to 41. it's not the prettiest day. it's a raw day but we'll take rain and 41 as opposed to something a lot worse if it were colder. southern maryland, prince william south not in the flood
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warning. but d.c., prince george's county, anne arundel, loudoun, north fauquier, frederick, everybody is in that flood watch from 3:00 to midnight. we're concerned we could get an inch, maybe two and that could cause a problem sw some of the -- with some of the creeks rising quickly. charlestown and hagerstown, you got dropped out of that about an hour ago and far west in the mountains, still winter storm warnings and the red? that's an ice storm warning near elkins, west virginia. they may get a third of an inch of ice. just a wet, slow ride home and some of the rain late other could be moderate to even locally heavy at times. i'll have the full seven-day forecast when i see you in a few minutes. now back you to. >> we'll be ready. weather is making headlines in the nation's heartland. for the second time in a week, the midwest is getting slammed with a huge winter storm. blizzard conditions including thunder snow are closing highways and schools and cutting power to large parts of kansas and texas. >> reporter: whipping winds,
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whiteout conditions and stretch rose roads. for people in the -- treacherous roads. for people in the plains, this is like deja vu. a storm dropped 22 inches of snow on parts of kansas last week. now they're dealing with another one. >> this could be much more treacherous to travel in. we just ask you to exercise that more abundance in caution. >> reporter: people are still trying to dig themselves out of the snow dumped on them last week. now they're facing more. >> you can see behind me what we're dealing with. >> reporter: officials are pleading with residents to stay off the road. >> we declared a state of emergency. we tried our very best to give that much notice of that potentiality. >> reporter: the storm walloped the texas panhandle. take a view from cnn reporter michael jason's front porch in amarillo. you can see the snow blow snow drifts from 1 to 3 feet and this one shows a yardstick peeking out of an almost 3-foot
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snow drift. this video from the national weather service shows what those who venture out have to deal with. strong winds and poor visibility. from what they're calling a crippling historic blizzard. i'm melissa rainy reporting. three days and counting before the drastic automatic government spending cuts go into effect. president obama has just arrived in one of the places the cuts could hit workers the hardest, the huge naval base in newport news. danielle nottingham has the latest developments on the sequester. >> reporter: president obama is visiting a shipyard in new prt news, virginia today -- newport news, virginia today. he's warning that people who work on ships could face layoffs if budget cuts kick in this friday. military leaders talked about how challenging the cuts will be at a congressional hearing this morning. >> if we do not have the resources to train and equip the force, our soldiers, our young men and women are the ones who will pay the price potentially with their lives. >> reporter: with the clock
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ticking, it's small businesses like this communications contractor that are already bracing for the impact of the cuts, especially hits to the defense department. >> for us it could go into the millions of dollars. >> reporter: pay toe alfonso -- pay toe alfonso employs 120 workers in washington, d.c. his business relies on contracts with government agencies that will see their buckets slashed. >> we'll have to start putting plans in place. who do we cut, how do we cut back. >> reporter: the main staking point between the white house and congressional republicans is taxes. republicans agree to raise taxes in the fiscal cliff deal last month and they say that's enough. they're also criticizing the president for taking his message on the road. >> he's traveled over a,000 mile the last two weeks and we challenge him, mr. president, travel a mile and a half up here to capitol hill. >> reporter: business owners like pedro alfonso say it's easy for congress and the white house to criticize each other but they're not the ones facing layoffs and pay cuts.
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danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> a pew research poll shows six out of ten americans think the automatic cuts will have a negative effect on the economy. on our website we're asking should congress face penalties if federal workers are furloughed? you can have your say at and while you're there, check out the petition we've created with our partners at popvox. more than 2,000 people have weighed in and their thoughts have been sent as letters to their representatives on capitol hill. voters are going to the polls in chicago today to select a democratic nominee to replace former congressman jesse jackson, jr. jackson was found guilty last week of illegally spending his campaign funds. the winner of today's contest will have to take on a republican in a later race. but the democratic nominee is widely expected to easily win the seat. everyone remembers 9/11 but today marks the 20th anniversary of the first terrorist attack on the world trade center. a ceremony is under way to honor the six people who died
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in the 1993 blast. another 1,000 were hurt by the explosion in a garage below one of the twin towers. six islamic extremists were convicted of carrying out the bombing. still ahead on wusa9 at noon, more than a dozen people killed in a hot air balloon crash. details ahead. plus, the flip side of gun control. we'll take you to a town where everyone is required to own a firearm. those stories and more just ah
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at least 18 people are dead following a hot air balloon crash in egypt. it happened in luxor. it caught fire and plunged into a sugar field. officials say an explosion in a gas canister forced the balloon to fall a thousand feet to the
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ground. three people survived including the pilot. they reportedly jumped out of the balloon before it crashed down. here's an interesting perspective on the gun control debate. wusa9 found a town where every household is required by law to own a gun and the ammunition to use it. andrea mccarren takes us to a community 25 miles northwest of atlanta that put itself on the map in a most unusual way. >> we don't have shootouts. it's not a wild west. >> reporter: sunrise over kennesaw, georgia reveals a sleepy town of 30,000 and a landscape dotted with flags, american and confederate. >> i can kill somebody with this. i can really do some damage and hurt 134-b. >> reporter: karen is a lifelong kennesaw resident. >> if i hear somebody trying to break in, this will get loaded. if they want to come in my house, they're goat to get shot. >> reporter: she's a big supporter of the town's law that requires every household to own a gun. >> why are you going to break
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into somebody's house if you know they got guns in there and can kill you. >> i was born and raised with them so it's just like any other tool. >> reporter: den myers is a feisty 82-year-old shop own we are a pair of pistols hollistered to his hips. he, too, is a staunch defender of the right to own firearms. >> i have a right to eat oatmeal cookies if you want to if you don't like them. i get a right to eat chocolate. if you don't like chocolate, don't eat it. if you don't want a weapon, don't buy one but don't tell me i can't. >> i think everybody should be allowed to have a gun if they want as long as they're not crazy or anything. >> reporter: kennesaw's 1982 gunman date was a direct response to a gun ban enacted a year earlier in morton grove, illinois. that was later deemed unconstitutional but kennesaw's law is still on the books. >> it was not meant to be an enforceable law. the police departments never searched homes to make sure you
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had a gun. it was meant more or less as a political statement to support citizen's second amendment rights to own firearms. >> reporter: after the law went into effect in 1982, city leaders say they witnessed a 29% drop in crime. in the 30 years since, the crime rate has remained low, including just four gun-related homicides. >> our crime rate is generally less than half the national average. >> reporter: over the years, kennesaw has grown and today amidst the sprawling subdivisions and strip malls, gun control is still a sensitive issue. >> there's a lot of people that are very passionate about their right to own a firearm, any kind of a firearm. >> reporter: including an assault weapon. >> yes. >> reporter: as the sun sets on kennesaw, its residents are keeping an eye on the second amendment and how washington interprets it. >> i think if they change it, they're killing the constitution. >> there's no men anymore. we have no leaders, no men. we're just a wishy-washy nation
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now. nobody is afraid of us no more. >> reporter: in kennesaw, georgia, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> by the way, homeowners kennesaw who don't buy a gun are not punished. there are several exepgs, including -- exemptions, including religious or somebody has a mental illness or can't afford a weapon. you can weigh in on the kennesaw law or if you would want a similar ordinance in your hometown by going to our -- to our wusa9 facebook pages "good people" has landed at arena stage. the star of the show joins me when we come back. >> the cold rain is the worst type of weather. this is not growing to be a good afternoon for you. here's a look at radar area the last several hours as precipitation has moved in. a little bit of freezing rain in a few spots in the mountains. i'll be back with a soggy tuesday afternoon
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welcome back. the production "good people" could be more relevant today. we've got starring actress johanna day. tell us about your character. >> it's pronounced margie, a hard g. she's a mother, single mother of a handicapped adult
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child. she's had a job for about three years in a dollar store and the play starts with her getting fired from that job. you know, the emergency that is and how hard that is. >> it's a crisis. she kind of visits an old flame whose life is on a totally different trajectory. what's going on? >> her best friend jeannie runs into mikey dylan, her old high school boyfriend. and jeannie has a great idea that she should go down and ask him for a job at the doctor's office. margie has no idea. what job can i do in a doctor's office? >> this is set in boston. >> southie boston big time. awesome accent. so she calls him a few times and then she goes down there. it's very awkward and strange. she's asking for work. >> is she reviewing some of her life choices in this and how is this going to resonate with some of the people watching this show? >> there's a character that --
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all the characters people can relate to and also our time right now with the unemployment and what not. she is not really going over her choices. her argument is that it's luck. like he worked hard, he came from the exact same place that she came from but he got out but he had a dad that pushes. she didn't have a dad. she got pregnant while she was in high school and her argument is that you're wrong if you think that everybody has choices. >> interesting. and that some of the things are beyond your control. >> yes. >> what comes out of all of this as far as her trajectory? we don't want you to give away the ending. >> i can't give it away. >> what do awed yemtions leave with? >> oh, my -- audiences leave with? >> oh, my gosh. it's hilariously funny, this play, and gut wrenching heartbreaking at the same time. one thing that everybody leaves with and the cast, we were
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together the other night watching the oscars. after that was over, we couldn't stop talking about the play your selves. people argue and -- the play ourselves. people arpg and discuss it for hours -- argue and discuss it for hours and hours after. >> "good people" at arena stage. 7:30 tonight. runs through march 10. thank you for being here to share margie's story. >> my pleasure. good thing it's inside. it's just turned ugly. i can't cold rain. i can't tell you. not happy at all with what we're dealing with. you can see the raindrops on our camera lens. it's going to abwet afternoon. look at the wind speeds 16, 19. by 7:00 21. gusting to 30 with temps in the mid-40s and rain. raw, raw, raw are for the rest of the day. -- raw for the rest of the day. we've been watching the big storm spinning in the midwest. this jumped up to ten inches of snow in the texas panhandle. it's hit iowa and southern wisconsin pretty good. throwing all sorts of weather in our direction, wet weather that is.
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a little bit of sleet and freezing rain at the higher elevations but for the most part, this is just rain. and a couple of things i'm earn couraged by is the fact that we've got an army wind and we're already above freezing so if we saw a couple of sleet pellets earlier, that's it. this is going to be a we'd vent for us and quite wet, as a matter of fact. we have winter weather advisories west till the late afternoon, early evening hours, mainly above a thousand feet but this is a flood watch for the metro area till midnight tonight. if we get an inch or two of rain, it could cause flooding to streams and creeks and something to watch. mid-30s. winchester 34. 36 luray. 37 manassas. the warm spots at cambridge at 43 with gaithersburg a wet 37 and here in the district, it's a cloudy, damp lunch hour. 41. feeling like 35. humidity at 70% and an east wind at 10 is only going to get stronger as we go through the afternoon as the storm system gets closer. here's our futurecast. we've got the rain and boy, this thing is behind.
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the rain is up here. advance this a few hours and we're going to see the rain around for the afternoon and evening. in the mountains, there may be a touch of sleet, a couple of wet flakes but even over there, they're going to switch over to just plain old rain by later this evening. remember, this was a little slow so this could be more up here late tonight. as we get toward the midnight hour, i think after that the rain tapers off. could be lingering showers north overnight. tomorrow we'll see sunshine. it will be a mild day because we'll be in the upper 30s and low 40s tonight. tomorrow we'll be well in the 50s. we could flirt with 60 with enough sun. in the afternoon a chance of a shower. colder air returns bringing snow showers to the mountains and around here on thursday, we could see a rain or snow shower. here's our forecast. yellow alert today. the rain, the winds, the slow ride home. sorry, commuters of the mid-40s for highs. tonight 44 for the low. rain tapers off. tomorrow 58. could be a late shower. breezy, too. by thursday colder, 49. a passing rain or snow shower. friday 46.
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the weekend gets even chillier with a few flurries and only 40 by next monday. that's some great smelling lamb coming up in the kitchen. we'll bring it you to
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if you could smell the aromas in here today. we've got street food on the menu. that's what we're talking about. we have scott from bedford springs, just two hours away in pennsylvania. what are we talking about? >> it's a concept that kind of exploded in the united states. and major cities. is it something you can get from a vendor around the world.
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>> we're running a promoment called simply street food. i made a lamb. it was braced in white wine, oranges, lime juice to a point that it's very tender and falls apart. my dish was selected from-- >> this was a competition. how many chefs worldwide? >> there were over a hundred entries for the competition and six were selected throughout the world. >> very prestigious, congratulations. >> thank you very much. what i'm doing is putting down some black beans. very a little chili sauce. going to put some more black beans on that. >> where was the inspiration for your dish? >> just the love of latin food and flavors, chillilies, combining the flavors together. >> the different street food
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offerings from around the world are on omni menus, including bedford springs. >> every participating omni will be doing this menu. a little pico degallo. shredded lettuce, cheese. that's a dish that will be featured at every participating omni with five other selections. >> here comes howard. did you smell this? >> i've been smelling it for an hour or so. >> you had to give it a try. >> i did. one of the things you were telling me, it's not too spicy. >> ango chilis have a lot of smokeness to them and a little bit of heat. they just have a wonderful flavor. >> some of your other offerings on the street menu were inspired by vendors in asia. where else? >> asia, brazil and three regional. it's quite an eke recollectic -- eclectic group that met in chicago where we featured all of our foods. >> i have some friends in the
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altoona area, just taking the drive up there, such a beautiful place. you have a few hours, you want to get a nice lunch-- >> get the tostada. >> we love it. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. we'll be back usa9 at 5:00 and we're always on
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